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This page will be updated with the new pools around May 15, 2016

Check the field maps to see where you play
Check the Schedule to see your game schedules

(The Number next to your team name is the seedings number, so if you are in Pool A and your
team number is 1, then your team is A1)

Poultry Days 2016 Open Division Pools

Pool A:
Fields 1,4,5 (
Pool B:
Fields 2,3 (
Pool C:
Fields 6,7 (
1.  Miller's Chicken
 Athens, OH
2.  Nutria: Chicken of the Swamp
 New Orleans
3.  Lone Star Peeps
4.  The Archtridge Family
5.  Fowl Clucking Tilt
6.  Mother-Clucker Jones
1.  Hoosierchicken?
 Bloomington IN
2.  Chicken Schitt
3.  Chicks and Peckers
4.  Roostafarians
 East Lansing, MI
5.  Chicken Sticky Yum Yum
1.  Pollos en mis Pantelones
2.  Cluck Cluck Boom
3.  MediYolkre Millers
4.  iBang Chicks
5.  Cock (a-doodle-do) tails
 Columbus, Oh
Pool D:
Fields 8,9 (Park
Pool E:
Fields 12,13 (Farm Front
Pool F:
Fields 10,11 (Farm Front
1.  Breasts and Thighs
2.  Kings of the Hill
 Huntsville, AL
3.  Denver Omelettes
4.  Two Chicks, One Cock
 Hamilton, Ontario
5.  FusterCLUCK
1.  Eggs Benedict XVI
 South Bend, IN
2.  Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
 All Across the Midwest
3.  Huck Huck Goose
 St. Louis
4.  Mud Hens
 Rochester NY
5.  College of Rooster
 Wooster Ohio
1.  Case of Salmonella
 Cleveland, OH
2.  Chicken Chicken Boom Boom
 Kansas City
3.  College Cluck Fest
4.  Fowl Play
5.  NorCluckin' Around
Pool G:
Fields 17,16
(Driving Range Front)
Pool H:
Fields 14,15 (Driving Range Front
Pool I:
Fields 18,19 (Driving Range Middle
1.  Max Fowl
2.  Nashville Hot Flicken
3.  Chick'n the Bucket
 Louisville, KY
4.  Flippin tha Bird
5.  Caged Eggnigmatic Robotic Thunder Dragon Chickens
1.  Lemon Chicken
2.  Other Cocks
 Columbia, SC
3.  The Spinning Barber Pole-trys/Cville Swine
4.  Chick Fil A Show
 Canton / Detroit
5.  Karst Farm All Stars
 Southern Indiana
1.  Just Pullet
2.  Cock Block
3.  First Chickens In Flight
4.  Tender Defenders
5.  Big Buckin' Chicken
Pool J:
Fields 22,23
(Driving Range Back)
Pool K:
Fields 20,24 (Driving Range Back
Pool L:
Fields 26,27 (
Farm Back Fields)
1.  Cephalogallus
2.  Harold's Chicken Shack
3.  Meddling Chickens
4.  General TSU's Chicken
 Kirksville, MO
5.  Feather Ticklers
1.  Chic-fil-EH?
2.  Baked Beach Chicken
 Grand Haven
3.  Burlesque House of Thighs
 Pittsburgh, PA
4.  Han Pollo
5.  Detroit Pheasants
1.  Voodoo Chicken Blood
2.  Poached!
 Iowa City, IA
3.  Chicken a la King
 Milwaukee, WI
4.  Party Fowl!
 Ann Arbor
5.  Peep Show
Pool M:
Fields 28,29
(Farm Back Fields)
1.  ChickeNooga
2.  No Clucks Given
3.  It's Raining Hen
 Ann Arbor
4.  imPECKable
5.  Chicken Wingin' It