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Registration Is Closed

May 7st - The listing of teams who made the cut
May 21st - The listing of the pools will be posted on this site.

We're doing things similar to last year but pay attention. The tournament is being held at Poultry Days / Heritage Park in Versailles, Ohio as it has in prior years. There will be 60 open' teams.

Your check is due by April 1   This check for $450 and should be made payable to Rodger Oakes.  Also, please make sure you include your Team name on the memo portion of the check.


Send your check to Rodger Oakes:

Rodger Oakes
8654 Oakshire Dr.
Pickerington, OH 43147

(614) 439-3712

Your application will be processed upon receipt of your check.  Applications and checks sent early improves your team's chances of making it into the tournament.


[This will register your team with the Poultry Days Ultimate Directors, but doesn’t guarantee a spot. A check for $450 must be received by April 1 to considered for registration in the 2016 Poultry Days Ultimate Classic.